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2015: A Year Gone.

Can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve written here. Awful! Every year starts with good intentions! 2015 has come and gone and not sure really where it all went. I have to say that I am disappointed with lack of progress in 2015. I feel I didn’t do much or make much headway other than just ‘live’. Of course, just ‘living’ is what you will read in some buddhist texts as the thing to do to be happy. So, maybe that’s ok. I expect not though really. I would like to do more. Be more. Make more.

I’m in that classic early 40’s age where many questions are asked about career, life, path, achievements, failures and successes. Many life milestones have come and gone and it’s a definite question of ‘now what’? Made it alive through teens and 20’s. Check. Married. Check. Kids. Check. House. Check. Travel. Check.

What’s next?…..Crickets. Do you hear those?…It’s the sound of “no idea” being voiced in the universe.

Some random thoughts about the future:

  • At some point, I definitely do want to permanently move back to Australia. Progress just delayed by buying a new house in the US!
  • $$ freedom does not come from working for the man. A business is required at some point and I would like to try to start something on the side.
  • I have some hobby aspirations – learn or get better at golf, tennis, running, astronomy, photography, sailing
  • Tech wise I would like to get back into coding or teaching coding in some capacity. Requires some research.
  • Definitely should read more

That was completely random. Oh well.

We’ll see how 2016 goes.


Badly neglected…

Must get back to writing.

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