What will I be talking about and what is this site about?

I want to:

  • Talk about interesting and intersecting topics -> technology, self development, education
  • Discuss business and freedom
  • Talk about the future. About possible incremental change. About mindsets
  • Share useful technology related tips and news. Focus is on life impacting technologies, in particular mobile
  • Give a smattering of personal and family highlights and insights

As for the boring or not so boring blurb:

I am an Aussie, living in Chicago for the last 15 years or so. I was born in a very remote place, Tom Price in Western Australia. I spent some time in Perth before spending most of my childhood and youth growing up in South Australia. Firstly, Sellicks Beach, then Palmer, then Birdwood and finally the big smoke of Adelaide during university and early working years. I really miss Australia but for now am enjoying life, family and career in Chicago. Career and travel opportunities are definitely significantly better in Chicago. Having said that, I plan to at some point return for good to Australia. Enjoy the warmer weather, beaches, better food and more relaxed lifestyle.

Career wise, I am a Software Engineer with 21 years experience. Primary focus and expertise is project/product management, team leadership and software management. I have worked in mobile phone, automotive electronics, telecommunications and defence industries. I have worked with teams all over the world and deal directly with customers.

I am really interested in the future, in change, in improving our world, our lives. I have a passion for technology, education and self development and freedom. How can we combine these things.? How can we figure out the best use of the tools and opportunities we have to make the most of our lives, to create the change and world we want? To make a dent, an impact, leave a legacy.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think, how I can help.