Where to Live – Choosing and Planning

In a previous post including some initial thoughts on where to live, I talked about planning where to live. I wonder what % of people really do this. I expect it’s quite low. I imagine a lot of people or actually the majority of people simply use the default.

  1. Grow Up
  2. Get a job nearby – with friends/family
  3. Stay there. Settled.

I don’t want to diminish this path. I think it’s completely fine and had I not stumbled into staying in the US longer than originally planned, I likely would have done similar and settled in Adelaide. I am sure I would have been fine and would have enjoyed it. I definitely love Adelaide and have (or had) a lot of friends there. Most importantly, family also.

Venturing outside of ”home” for a longer period of time though has allowed me to learn, see and experience things that I otherwise might not have:

  • Met my future wife
  • Learned how to fit into different culture/towns
  • Learned  (albeit) slowly to make new friends
  • Found greater career opportunities
  • Travelled extensively, mainly through work but also vacations. I have been to some of the best museums in the world such as the Field Museum in Chicago and seen such wonders as the Great Wall of China.
    • Germany
    • China
    •  England
    • Spain
    • Japan
    • US
    • France

So, in general, there can be lots of interesting and fun and challenging life adventures awaiting you if you decided to live somewhere other than where you grew up. Even just for a brief time, 1 to 3 to 5 years or so.

  • Travel
  • New friends
  • Different or better career
  • Broader appreciation for the world, cultures etc – broader horizons
  • Lifestyle fitting your interests

Travel is quite obvious. Making new friends also -> Although this seems to get harder the older you get for some reason. Broader horizons and appreciation for the world is relatively obvious. Career choices and options and opportunities also. If you’re in the technology field and you live or grew up in an area not rich with companies in that field, you might have no choice but to move. For me, moving from a relatively small town with quite a small tech industry, Adelaide to Chicago has enabled me to take on roles and opportunities I doubt I would have seen in Adelaide. Additionally, I feel a lot more job security and wide range of opportunities.

Lifestyle could also be a big point for you. Do you love the beach? Then why not try to pick a city or state near the beach. Likewise, mountains or snow skiing or warm/tropical weather all year round? Whatever it is, the world has it!

Nothing is stopping you but probably yourself! Whether you think about where you want to live once say early adult or you regularly re-visit it and maybe change every 5 to 10 to 20 years, it’s completely up to you! While staying and living near where you grew up obviously has a lot of advantages with friends, family etc, I encourage you to at least consider where you might want to live and if there are any advantages for you to be had outside of just the default life.

Some interesting links to get you started:

Hope this is useful for you and you learned something. The world is a big place. We often don’t consider how big or what other lives or opportunities or fun is awaiting us out there. So, maybe go and check some of it out by choosing and planning where you want to live.

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