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Here’s a living post of interesting links and reads I find. I am more liberal by nature. Not crazy liberal but definitely feel more at ease with more liberal policies than conservative.

I can’t comment as much on Australian politics these days as I have now been in the US for 15 or more years. And I have definitely not tracked Australian politics during that time. Even for the US, I am certainly no expert but I do pay more attention around the election ‘crunch’ times.

Conservative views that push me away from that party include mixing religion into politics, guns and military spending/strategy (tied into foreign affairs also). I do agree with some views of the conservatives is to reduce government and increase efficiencies. But this shouldn’t come at the expense of the minorities or the poor. Right wing politics is too much based on every man and woman for himself. At some point, we need compassion and empathy to help those that need it. They are indeed citizens or at minimum, humans.

So, the links here will be more conservative leaning. But perhaps there is some interesting reading that offers a bit of a balanced view about what happened in the US in November 2016 when the US elected a man that seems incapable. The democrats have a lot of soul searching to do too. They were overly confident. They ignored all the people that voted for Sanders and the reasons and policies why people were attracted to him. They failed to understand all the people that simply wanted ‘change’ and not really caring if that change meant Trump. Many people could not logically articulate why Trump would be a good president or how his shortfalls didn’t matter. They just want change and the democrats did not bother understanding exactly what change and why. Certainly Hillary was nowhere near as popular as Obama either.

The New Yorker

How we broke democracy – medium

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