Starting Again

Site deleted!
It is time to start again, afresh. The site previously contained imported family pictures from previous sites, some on social networks like the old posterous site. All of these are backed up or available elsewhere. The rest was shared links from various articles I found online. While definitely some where very good and useful, I felt it was time to simply scrap all that and make something decent. Create something I really will be proud of. A legacy.
What will I be talking about? As I now head into the scary 40s, my interests are starting to slowly edge from perhaps simpler or ‘easiser’ (i.e. video games, wine) topics and towards broader topics – self development, technology, social change, education, freedom. I expect we’ll see a mix of these topics.
By way of short intro, you can find a short blurb here. Even shorter though, I am a software engineer by ‘trade’ and most recently, project and product manager. I am a country boy from at times, very small towns in Australia, currently living in NW ‘burbs of Chicago.
I hope that you enjoy this site.